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 "If you're among those who believe a picture is worth a thousand words, chances are you haven't written the right ones. "





JP Emerson is an award winning author & journalist with bylines in many of the most popular automotive magazines in the country. JP covers classic muscle cars and the people who own them with real stories from real owners relating everything from ownership, car shows, music, road trips and what everyone has in common regardless of brand.

With articles & stories featured on the pages and websites such as  Hot Rod, Mopar Muscle, Ford Muscle, Mustang Monthly, Motortrend group and more, JP has supplied brand recognition and worked with some of the industry’s most recognizable names.


“JP’s stories are real & relatable and read like a memory of riding shotgun through the warm summer nights of our youth with the windows down, the radio up and the open road ahead. “



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“What started as a fifteen minute introduction turned into a ninety minute adventure. This wasn’t my first meet and greet but it was by all accounts, the most in depth and enjoyable conversation about myself I have ever had with someone I had just met. JP’s easy going demeanor immediately put me at ease as I found myself deep in my memories dusting off stories I had all but lost and wondering afterwards how he managed to take me there.”   -AutoWire

Kat Redner, Discovery TV host and jet car racer share her Power Profile with award winning author JP Emerson

Kat Redner

Mark Worman

   Ken Lingenfelter & Jay Leno

"It's always fun speaking with JP. I could have talked all day."  -Ken Lingenfelter

             Cristy Lee

"You made my rambling into something awesome, and I love that!"  -Cristy Lee  TV host, Biker & speaker

Motortrend's Dave Kindig joins award winning automotive author JP Emerson for Power Profile

Dave Kindig

TV's Bitchin' Rides/ Kindigit Designs

AJ Janic

Owner- TV's Graveyard Carz

"You’ve turned my story into a masterpiece and I enjoyed reading every single line. You are a true storyteller."  - Kat Redner   - TV host, Journalist & Jet car racer

TV's Overhaulin'

"I loved it! (JP) really put together an amazing story of my 20+ years in this industry." -Adrienne "AJ" Janic,  Actress & TV host

        Heather Storm

"It was great talking cars with JP."  -Heather Storm - TV  host &  producer

Ant Anstead & Mike Brewer

TV's Wheeler Dealers & Master Mechanic

Brad Fanshaw

"JP Emerson is a thought provoking writer who delves deep for both information and story development." -Brad Fanshaw - Award winning automotive designer,  writer & producer

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