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 "If you're among those who believe a picture is worth a thousand words, chances are you haven't written the right ones. "




"A Classic muscle car takes more than just space in your garage, it takes root in your family. It bonds itself to every spare shirt that you own and immortalizes itself with every fluid drip on new concrete. It proves that you can in fact dual purpose a family appliance as a parts washer and safely bake a holiday meal in the same oven as you cured your new paint in last weekend.

Classic muscle is fickle, it will laugh as you leave your garage bloody knuckled and gnashing your teeth in frustration over yet another minor repair that turned into a full weekend project. It will poke and and prod you annoyingly in ways today's versions haven’t even yet learned, always at the most inopportune times.


Rattles, smoke, whines, creaks, vapors, exhaust drone, buckboard comfort and never ending maintenance are constant companions of the muscle car rat pack.


If you own one, you’re a member."    -JP EMERSON


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