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Dare to Dream

They say that life’s moments often go unnoticed until they are past. That whispers become dreams, dreams become goals, goals become plans and plans…well we’ll get to that.

Nothing defines community like those who reside within it. The values of people who rise each day to contribute in whatever way they can. From the corner store to the doctor’s office, the mechanic, the barbershop, the factory or the salon.

Few are those who seek a spotlight but many are those who extend a hand. The workers, the planters, the growers and the dreamers.

Those who look beyond the present and dream of what can be, or can be again. The ones who refuse to silence the whispers and naysayers choosing instead, to nurture. The inherently optimistic dreamers determined to find or blaze a path wide enough for all to follow, and the planners open to receive another’s vision and work together to realize and achieve for the common good.

History is made by ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It begins with a whisper spoken to one brave enough to listen and washes over them like a light in the darkness as they stand to watch it roar by.

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