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How NASCAR's Jacklyn Drake Goes All In To Put Racing Fans In The Winners Circle

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The Face of the CARS racing Tour, Jacklyn Drake is as comfortable behind the wheel as she is in front of the camera.

Long before the first fan ever passes through the gate, Jacklyn Drake has left her dog Hoosier in charge at home and has already been at work for hours. The Texas native, who quite possibly may have cut her baby teeth on the steering wheel of her first go cart, established herself long ago as one to watch in the industry.

From midgets to late models, Drake excelled at every level. The outgoing girl who once gave away her winners trophy to another driver “because I didn’t want him to feel bad” had plenty of friends at the track.

She also has plenty of fans across the country who today, know her as the face of the CARS racing Tour.

A perfect storm of racing & industry knowledge, to her strong social presence, Drake exudes what every brand strives for.

“I believe you have to be prepared to invest yourself fully - or don’t do it at all” Says Drake. “No matter what job you fill in Motorsports, especially at the higher levels, it takes an emotional, physical and mental commitment to be successful.”

A trait not overlooked by her peers including CARS Tour series administrator Keeley Dubensky and National Hot Rod Association and Fox Sports multi media personality Amanda Busick.

" I love Jacklyn’s hustle" says Busick, "she is always so willing to extend a helping hand and share her perspectives with me. She’s not afraid to work the long hours, a trait I feel will carry her far.”

“No matter what job you fill in Motorsports, especially at the higher levels, it takes an emotional, physical and mental commitment to be successful.”

"Jacklyn brings positive energy everywhere she goes" adds Keeley. "She always has the biggest smile on her face and truly makes working fun for everyone. She’s hardworking, dedicated, and always bringing new creative ideas to the table. I’m grateful to work alongside her doing what we both love!"

Drake's behind the scenes vlog and Youtube videos show "girls still just want to have fun."

"There's nothing better than being at the track" concedes Drake, "But I’m a sucker for cars at all levels.” With a longing twinkle she admits she has her eyes on a sleek new "all white with black wheeled C8 Corvette…or a cool classic car" because as she laughs infectiously, "I can’t decide.”

Racing however, is her passion.

From her on camera preparation and knowledge to her behind the scenes fun loving natural personality, Drake always puts others in the best light. “I encourage everyone to attend at least one race live and attend it the right way - sit in the stands, check out the pits, meet people involved, take in the atmosphere and discover how cool racing really is!”

Everything you want in an ambassador of the industry.

From small town Texas to big time motorsports, Jacklyn Drake leads the field.

“It’s not always easy” admits Drake whose vloging skills allow a glimpse into her dedication and work ethic to be her best. “My parents and family as a whole taught me the value of setting goals, hard work and kindness and I try every day to be true to that value.”

Jacklyn Drake JP Emerson
The ability to offer perspective as both a driver and reporter gives Jacklyn the unique ability to connect with her audience.

They say that everything is bigger in Texas. If that's true, Jacklyn Drake brings a whole lot of greatness wherever she goes.

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