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Updated: Jun 12, 2020

So your in the market for a classic car. Like any major purchase, doing your homework is imperative, but just in case your buddy with a killer set of tools gives you a hot tip about a cool car sitting on a lot or just waiting to be scooped up on line, here's a short list to help you understand exactly what you'll likely hear.

  1. Barn find = Needs more money thrown at it than it’s worth to us.

  2. Matching numbers = The vin matches the title. Does it match the car?

  3. 100% Original and restored= huh?

  4. Great floors = ridiculously applied amount of undercoat.

  5. Investment grade = If you buy it for this price, your grade is “F”.

  6. 1 of (insert single digit here) = OK, so there were thousands of these made, but this is the only brown mustard colored, bench seat and radio delete car we have.

  7. Completely documented = Reproduction owner’s manual included.

  8. Stored in a private display for years = someone’s garage.

  9. Less than XXXX miles on the odometer = since it seized up the last time.

  10. Exceptionally original = we threw dirt on it.

  11. Refreshed = power washed engine bay and added new pine tree air freshener.

  12. Completely gone through = We couldn’t find the leak.

  13. Factory correct = Every body panel has been replaced at least once but the paint color looks like something from the era.

  14. The mileage on the clock is believed to be original = Probably not, but that’s what we’re saying.

  15. Meticulously maintained by previous owner = They changed the oil once before listing for sale, never in the five years prior though.

  16. Comes with service history = We found a receipt.

  17. Undoubtedly = we don’t know. Trust us.

  18. Two owner car = None of the previous brokers titled it over the last six years.

  19. Original patina = as opposed to new patina?

  20. Believed original = See “undoubtedly”.

  21. Complete concours restoration last year by a famous restorer. = Don’t ask us who, we have no idea.

  22. Frame off = quite an accomplishment with unibody cars.

  23. Long history = We found more than one receipt.

  24. NO RESERVE = What they meant was reservoir.. The car rolls but won’t stop.

  25. Priced to move. It’s been on our lot for years and still no interest.

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