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How JP Emerson goes the extra mile to tell your story

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

As part of the ever-changing automotive media landscape, niche content suppliers and respected freelance writers continually face stiff headwinds. Shrinking outlets and competition for great stories make finding one even more difficult.

“A compelling story is much more than a topic” says JP Emerson, a freelance journalist and award winning author whose “Power Profiles” series consistently blends real life stories from celebrities to your neighbor and the commonality we all share. “First and foremost, these are their stories” Says JP. “I want them to think of me as someone sitting on the porch, around the table or just among friends laughing, reminiscing or in some cases, simply listening”.

“Our inner circle are our most trusted friends” says Emerson, “and the opportunity to be invited to be a part of that, even for just a short time, carries a great responsibility.”

For Emerson, an increasingly popular and growing provider whose work ranges from media to magazine content, it all seems so strange “We share through social media or with friends more today than ever before” he says with a quizzical look.

“We all have something we’d like to share”, a fact reflected in the long list of well-known people and brands who have entrusted Emerson to do just that. “I’ve never met anyone who said their story wasn’t worth telling that didn’t share something amazing.”

Preferring to stay behind whatever “small light” he can shine on others, JP deflects credit to those who have shared so much with him. True to many of his automotive themed stories, Emerson adds “I think of these stories as road trips and I get to ride shotgun. I can’t wait to listen and discover what’s beyond the horizon.”

Road Trip. Yeah, we like those too JP!

To connect with JP, contact him at: or on Twitter @The_jpemerson


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